Visual artist on Eurobike 2015 Curana booth

Visual artist on Eurobike 2015 Curana booth

On our Eurobike 2015 Curana booth, we are proud to introduce a promising visual artist from Belgium, Alexander Stragier, who will create an unique, contemporary and interactive visual installation on our booth, by means of 3D projection mapping.

Static pictures of our latest developments will come alive and will offer an astonishing artistic experience.

The magic of Alexanders work lies in the suspension of disbelief and the creative use of light, combining photography with projection. At first seeming to simply illuminate, the images are morphing over time and become 3D interactive structures.

We believe in creative talent and want to give Alexander the opportunity to expose his skills towards an international audience.

Curana on Eurobike 2015 = Halle B4 – booth 206.