magIQ by Curana

magIQ by Curana

MagIQ is a compact and solid fixing system for luggage and accessories, developed by Curana but available for all manufacturers.

Difference with existing systems is of course the ease of use, as you only need to hang your luggage on the system and it’s fixed.

Another important advantage is the clamping of the accessories in all directions, just with a 1 click action.

On bags the system looks very modest and clean. It can be applied on all kinds of bags and baskets, but is also available as DIY-kit to create by yourself a bike bag from every existing bag you already have.

On the bike, an adapter can be applied for existing bikes, and new solutions for OEM, integrated in luggage racks, front forks, etc…, are in development.

Come and see the magIQ experience at Eurobike 2015 at Halle B4 – Curana-booth 206.