Edge protection for speed e-bike fender

Edge protection for speed e-bike fender

For speed bikes there are specific regulations, also for the front fender. The top edge needs to have a radius of 2mm.

In order to achieve this rule, Curana developed a protective cap. What is specific for this fender nose is that we use one single part for each profile, independent from the width or the depth.

For speed bikes, the stability of a fender is very important, as the high speed that can be reached with these bikes causes more vibrations. Also, the shocks that occur when driving over a bump are bigger. Clite fenders do not only give these expensive high-end speed e-bikes a more distinguished look, but also provide a higher quality due to their stability. Thanks to the availability of the edge protection, more and more brands start using CLite fenders on their high speed e-bikes.

If you are interested in this solution, please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with samples.