Curana mudguards now also on wooden bicycles

Curana mudguards now also on wooden bicycles

The WOOD.b line from BSG bikes was created by french designers Thierry Boltz and Claude Saos. BSG stands for limited edition hand made bicycles. The beginning of a sample always starts by consulting their client’s ideas. That’s quite the same powerline Curana has at this moment. All our fenders are custom-made and mostly limited by our clients.

BSG bikes even have an option page on their website. You’ll be able to pick from over a half dozen types of wood for the frame, including ash, beech, mahogany and rosewood, and from a selection of 18 different colors for the steel bits. Alas, the good looks don’t come cheap.

BSG’s unique frame system delivers a refined metal and layered wood veneer package. Even wooden handle bars are included for added style and presence on the recyclable ecological bike. The finishing touch is delivered by Curana. The non-wooden mudguards are influenced by the wishes of the customers and designed by Curana.