BMC’s urban bike with Curana fenders

BMC’s urban bike with Curana fenders

The AC01 of BMC was redesigned for 2014. Once again, the goal of BMC was commuting and this time faster than ever. The new design had to be faster and stronger than all previous BMC urban bicycles, and faster than you might expect possible of a commuter bicycle with flat bars.

With his aero technology, The AC01 implements parts of the aero road bikes, and geometry from the company's gran fondo bikes. The new AC01 frame is 500 grams lighter than the previous version, while lateral and torsional stiffness were increased. This results in a weight of not more than 8,40 kilograms.

Curana has given his upperhand for the BMC City fenders. They are visually and functionally integrated into the new alpenchallenge AC01. Needless to say, full-coverage protection is included. The innovative quick-connect technology carries an installation or removal in less than a minute.